Life as a student is an exciting time filled with opportunities for defining life goals, meeting new friends, and broadening one's horizons. But at the same time, many responsibilities arise, particularly with respect to money.

Learning to take charge of your finances early can better prepare you for later in life. Managing your money now can help avoid future debts and allow for greater opportunities when borrowing money, whether for a home, car or even a business.

Financial responsibilities of students can be daunting. In addition to tuition costs and books, there are also living expenses such as food, clothing, shelter, travel, and so on. It is a good idea to have a source of income in the form of a part-time or even full-time job. While such employment should not come at the expense of an education, the extra income will help avoid debts as well as provide valuable experience.

Within these pages you will find financial advice for students, from obtaining student loans to managing debt to finding employment. With a little help, your life as a student can be a pleasant experience without getting bogged down by financial worries.

Other topics that may be of interest for students include yoga teaching and psychology.

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